God, in a tiny seed, planted Himself, by the Holy Spirit, in the womb of Mary.
The seed falls into the ground. It splits open, it divides, and it pushes up through the womb of the earth, and is revealed.
GOD is as the sun, warm and opening:
GOD is as the cold, stringent and exhilarating;
GOD is as the light, revealing. GOD is as the rain, cool and refreshing.
GOD is as the dryness, a thirst to the earth.
GOD is as the wind, breath of the lungs of the world.
All that receives, gives.  
The womb receives the seed, and it opens and gives. The soul receives the word of God and it gives God. The light of day is as a shadow compared with the light of God in the soul.
The soul is lost and found in God. It becomes as water, seeping through the soil, as lightning streaking through the sky, as thunder rumbling in the night, as a star, shining in the orbit of God.
As the seed grows and flowers and ripens so it sheds its seeds and all creation is increased and God is blessed in the birth of new life.
All creation is of God and of its being loves God and in all the movement of all its life is drawn to God.
God, in coming to earth as the seed, in the womb, divided and multiplied Himself in growth, and after His death He gave His very flesh and blood for division and multiplication among men. In the perpetual sacrifice and communion of Christ in the world, is the redemption, the salvation of mankind.
Just as the seed splits and divides and multiplies in growth so does the soul. The Holy Spirit, the power of God, in the soul stretches forth, as a light, as a word, as love.
Through the light of the soul is revealed, meaning: and in the shrouded mystery of night, as in the tomb before the resurrection, the soul cleaves to God, and is lost, in Him who, is; the meaning of all things; in secret and in mystery is God revealed. In light and in darkness is He seen, and as a fish moving in deep water He stirs the depths of the soul.
As a fish finds food in the weed, so is the soul consumed by Christ. In its many strands of being is the food of God. Only God, who put it there, knows just where to find it; and as the soul, in the seeking of the Fish, is split into God, so is it nourished and fulfilled.
As is the Mother given unto and fulfilled by the sucking of the babe.