In all that is, He is, in all the space, beyond and before. The world bums in His power and is consumed in His Love.

I am leaving the lights of a town, they are fading, before the moon and the stars, and in the dark, wrapt in Christ; I feel the love of being.

I am high on a ship, leaving the people, tiny below, moving away from the pull of the shore, I feel I am floating, out to the open, to the sea, where I shall be.

God, Love is within me and nought can take me from that which dwells within.

In the wounds of the Passion am I buried, lost, as nothing, and on the Cross do I live. He lifts me as a babe, and in His strength do I dwell. He is my life, as the earth is to the worm, as the sky is to a bird.

Everything that is: by its being, is bound to God.

By division, the splitting of the cell, and by multiplication have I come from the piercing of the seed.

So am I; pierced and split into the Body of Christ; sleeping in His flesh, carried by His blood and warmed by the glow of His sacred Heart.

Saint Lazarus pray for me that through Crucifixion
and Resurrection I may ascend ever the shore, the safe harbour of God, the Anchor of salvation.

God the beginning and the end of all. Of all seeking, of all knowing, of all Being.